20 More Life Lessons Learned from My Toddler

Here is a sequel to my earlier post, 20 Things I Learned from My Toddler.

My son, Tristen, continues to teach me lessons as he bounces through life, always in the moment, always free of regret and resentment, and maintaining priorities that allow him to maximize the joy in every moment in life for himself and everyone around him.

Tristen pondering the meaning of life.

  1. When the weather is nice, it just doesn’t make sense to stay in the house.
  2. Laughter has no prerequisites.
  3. When you’re done vomiting, it’s time to run around and celebrate.
  4. It’s okay to stay up late once in a while, especially if you’re singing songs with someone you love.
  5. When you don’t get what you want, cry for a minute or two, then enjoy what you have.
  6. Change is always hard at first, but it always turns out better than you expect.
  7. A lifetime of practice using toilets makes it seem much easier than it really is.
  8. When a little voice echoes everything you say,  you realize just how foul your language really is.
  9. Having fun is at least as important as work.
  10. It is possible to smile all day long.
  11. You really can’t say “I yuv you” too many times.
  12. No matter what happens in life, everything looks beautiful if you get enough sleep.
  13. While you’re singing a song, everything is fun, even cleaning the house.
  14. Cold water is no excuse to get out of the pool.
  15. Everything tastes better with ketchup.
  16. Stopping for a train at a railroad crossing is not an inconvenience, it’s free entertainment.
  17. There is no disagreement or conflict that can’t be solved with a big squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.
  18. The world looks so much more interesting and entertaining when you’re hanging upside down.
  19. Everything is more fun, joyous and rewarding when shared with someone else.
  20. There is nothing more important in life than sharing time with someone you love.

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  1. Bob Avatar

    Great stuff! #11 is my favorite.