Obstacles to Maintaining Physical Health

Maintaining Good Health is No Mystery

Getting sufficient sleep, being physically active, eating foods that make us feel good are things we all know how to do intuitively.

The science of food can appear confusing and fickle at times, but we don’t have to be scientists to know that balance and moderation make our bodies feel good. Focusing on the details of healthy living is often a waste of time and energy. When we focus on removing the obstacles, the details will fall into place.

3 Major Obstacles

  • Exceptions: “Just this once, I’m going to eat some chips on the couch.” “I’m too busy today to work out.” “It’s a special occasion.”
  • Discouragement: “I ate like crap yesterday. The damage is done. One more piece of chocolate cake isn’t going to hurt anything.” “I’ve been doing this for months and I haven’t lost any weight.”
  • Procrastination: “As soon as my baby starts sleeping through the night, I’ll start exercising in the morning.”

More on overcoming these obstacles in days to come.

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy body is less about planning stringent diets, finding a miracle workout, hiring someone to provide motivation or cracking some complex code as it is about removing obstacles that prevent us from listening to the intuition we already have inside of us on how to take care of ourselves.

Your body has an amazing ability to let you know what it needs to thrive. Those needs may be different than my body’s needs. You are the foremost authority of your own body.

Making Peace with Our Bodies

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