We Are Already Here

People see God every day, they just don't recognize him.
-Pearl Bailey

We often think of the idea of getting in touch with God as a process that will someday be complete, at which time we will reach spiritual bliss. We might imagine a long journey from our stress filled lives where we finally get away from it all and arrive someplace new and peaceful.

The spiritual bliss and peacefulness that many of us desire, however, is a product of an awakening rather than a journey. Once we realize that our destination is in this moment, we begin to recognize the calm presence of God within us.

Once we notice that everything that we do and everything we have ever done was done with God, we know that we are already here.

We already have the power of God within us. We are already able to manifest the desires that we have: right here, right now.

As we read, God reads with us. As we think, God thinks. Our thoughts are God’s thoughts. As we feel, God feels. Our feelings are God’s feelings. As we create, God creates with us. Our creations are God’s creations.

God’s presence is not limited by time nor space, and all of His focus, attention and power are available to us:

… right here

… right now

…without limitation.

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I am Danny Kohn, writer and designer for this site and owner, software engineer and consultant for Inspirations Software Design. My three greatest passions in life are sharing time with my family, software design and sharing inspiration with others. I have the incredible privilege of being able to spend a significant amount of time every day doing each of those three things. I am a single father of Tristen, our 6 year old son. It has been such an incredible joy to watch him grow up and learn so much. Everything he does and says overwhelms me with adoration. We have a wonderful evening ritual of reading books together in a beanbag chair. Nearly every night, we have a laughing attack together. I smile and giggle constantly in his presence and feel truly inspired.

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