Inspiration In a Dark World

Sometimes, when we look at the world around us, all we seem to see is adversary, war, terrorism, poverty and competition. We may wonder where is the evidence of God’s influence. Where is the inspiration?

The fact is, the influences of conflict are loud, dynamic and demanding of attention, while the influences of inspiration are peaceful, patient, faithful and unassuming.

God is love, energy and creation itself. He exists in our hearts, hands, thoughts and spirits. His influence is seen most clearly when our minds are quiet and our hearts are open.

God has no need for grandiose displays of power and influence. He values the free will of his creations. Conflict, ego, evil or forces of darkness by any name rob us of free will.

God is not often seen in the news or in fictional stories. Media, by its very nature, is loud, dynamic and demanding of attention. Peace and contentment do not make strong television ratings or interesting news stories.

To find inspiration in a world that appears dark, we can not look at the world through the eyes of the media, the disgruntled or the noisy, discontented attention seekers. We must quiet our minds and look at the world through our own eyes.