Facing Fears for Motivation


For many of us, successfully meeting goals can be scary. Any goals we achieve will result in some change in life. What if the change is not what we really want? What if we can’t handle the change? What if we make sacrifices and do not receive the benefits we expect?

Many of these what ifs may be legitimate questions, but the reverse is true as well. What if we never change because we’re afraid? What if we can handle more than we are taking on and are missing opportunities? What if we make no sacrifices and receive no rewards? What if life could be more than it is now?

Without facing fear, none of these questions can be answered. Without accepting imperfection in our plans, we’ll have no plans at all. If we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to fail, we have no opportunity to succeed.

Motivated By Fear

The act of facing and conquering fears is tremendously motivating. Each fear we conquer releases us from a limitation. It frees us by releasing a bond. And, it makes facing additional fears easier.

The act of facing fear (a.k.a. a courageous act), triggers a self-perpetuating cycle toward fearlessness.

Faith Dissolves Fear

Like darkness in the presence of light, fear disappears in the presence of faith in God, faith in ourselves, faith in our plans and goals. When we allow fear to limit our choices, we are rejecting faith. With pure faith, there is no fear. As we learn from Immaculée Ilibagiza in her book, Left to Tell, which I discussed in Monday’s post, the power of faith has no limits, but faith is not easy.

Our faith falters. It is imperfect. This is a natural and human. So, we live with fear at times and learn to face it to diminish its power.

Fearlessness Versus Recklessness

I am not suggesting that we abandon fear entirely. Fear has value in alerting us to real danger in addition to perceived danger. If you find yourself facing a Grizzly bear and experience fear, I wouldn’t suggest giving it a bear hug to face your fear. But, if fear is preventing you from doing something you have a passion to do, allow faith and courage to carry you through your fear.

This post is the 8th and final post of the series: Motivation to Complete Your Goals.

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3 responses to “Facing Fears for Motivation”

  1. Tracey Avatar

    Hi Danny:
    I really liked this line from today’s post:

    “If we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to fail, we have no opportunity to succeed.”

    Thanks for giving me something to think about every day. I really enjoy it.


  2. Danny Avatar

    Thanks for the comment, Tracey. It’s great to know that I’m helping you keep your mind active.

  3. Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk Avatar

    I try to avoid thinking in terms of success and failure. I love learning new things, and I need freedom to do that. William Strunk’s, “If you can’t pronounce it, say it loud!“, is my motto.