Self Confidence for Motivation


Creativity, free-will, uniqueness, adaptability and resilience are some traits unique to the human animal that give power to accomplish unprecedented achievements. Our most significant limitation is our own impression of ourselves.

Why Waste the Effort?

All of the enthusiasm and planning in the world will not help motivate you to achieve your goals if you do not believe that you can. You would simply have no desire to waste effort on something you do not believe would materialize.

A Self-fulfilling Prophesy

Your level of self-confidence can determine the result of your efforts in either direction. If you are convinced you will fail, you probably will. Conversely, if you are convinced that you will succeed, you probably will.

Do You Know What Your Capabilities Are?

View of San Fransisco and Golden Gate Bridge from Golden Gate State Park.Golden Gate Bridge and San Fransisco from Golden Gate State Park.

Most of us have no idea what our true capabilities are. We exceed our own expectations time and time again. If I could today, meet the person I was ten years ago and share the things I have accomplished, that person would absolutely not believe me. Ten years ago, would you have believed you are where you are today?

On a larger scale, throughout history, there have been countless predictions of the end of technological growth or general human progress. So far, none has come true and the accomplishments of the human race and countless individuals continue to transcend any imagined limitations.

God gave us the gift of life and placed us on this planet for a purpose: as an extension of his creative power. Every one of us uses that power to change the world in some way: through the people we touch, the resources we use, the things we create, the work we do.

If we could get a glimpse, even for a moment, of the impact we have already had, we would see that we already have the power to accomplish anything to which we commit.

Our Most Significant Limitation

Our level of self-confidence sets our limitations. If you read the paragraphs above and thought it was a cheesy, empty affirmation, you have connected with the limits of your self-confidence. When we connect with these limitations, we are disconnecting ourselves from the unlimited energy of God and identifying with our individual, physical body as a separate, disconnected entity. In short, we are identifying with our ego.

When we connect to higher power, or God, for guidance, strength and self-confidence through prayer and meditation, the illusion of limitation fades. At that point, our own self-confidence aligns with our confidence in our God, also known as faith.

This faith is not blind. We see evidence of this power in the repeated historical instances of limitation transcended.

Daily Action

Focus on a goal that you would like to achieve. Even if the goal seems unrealistic, if it resonates within you, God may be calling on you to follow.

Pray and meditate on the goal and seek God’s guidance. If you feel that God is calling on you to follow a goal, trust that he has provided you with the capabilities to realize it.

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