The Secret to Mastering Success – Help Others Succeed

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One of the great things about being a blogger is that, whenever I learn things or experience success in my life, I get to share it with you in order to help you achieve similar success. By sharing these lessons with you, it helps me go from being good at something to becoming a master.

This is just one of many benefits of sharing successes with others and one of many reasons it is the seventh and final step in my article on How To Change Who You Are:

Once you have achieves some success, help others to do the same by sharing your experience with them. Nothing solidifies a successful change like sharing your success with another person. This type of service will remind you of your own commitment and perpetuate gratitude for the changes you’ve made as you see others struggle to make the same changes. However, be cautious of becoming preoccupied with the success of others since not everyone will achieve the same success you have.

7 Benefits Of Sharing With Others

  1. Become a master of your own success. Have you ever helped a child with his/her homework? If you have, you have probably already experienced this benefit. Even if it was a subject that you thought you completely forgot about, you probably were able to come up with enough knowledge to help solve the problems, and by the time you were done, you probably had a much better grasp on the material than you did when you started. When you teach something to someone else, you clarify the subject you are teaching to yourself. You use your knowledge in a different way and make connections in your brain that help you to understand and apply your knowledge better than before.
  2. Feel purposeful. There are few things in life more fulfilling than feeling purposeful. Purposefulness helps us feel better about ourselves and gives us the energy and inspiration to continue making a better life for ourselves. When your knowledge and experience become valuable to someone else, it motivates you to become more knowledgeable and experienced.
  3. Good will points. You can call it Karma, favor points or whatever you want, but the fact is, when you are kind to others in a spirit of good will (as opposed to a spirit of obligation or expectation), kindness will come back to you. Those who you help will feel a sense of gratitude toward you, and anyone affected will recognize the strength of your character.
  4. Improved self image. When you use your own knowledge and resources to help others, you gain recognition of how valuable you are to others and the contribution you can make to the world.
  5. Feel good. Even thinking about someone else being successful with help from you can make you feel good. Take a second right now to imagine that someone you love has just conquered a major problem of theirs and you helped them do it. I challenge you to paint that picture vividly in your mind and try not to smile.
  6. Inspiration to continue your success. When you see that your knowledge and experience can help others, you will be more confident in your ability to help yourself and continue to grow. Additionally, those you help who do find success, will teach and inspire you.

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