How to be Inspired When Filled with Negativity

When we are inspired, the world around us looks different. Negativity around us does not affect us. But sometimes, negativity brews within us. Never ending responsibilities, failed dreams, difficult relationships, illness, death and money problems may leave us feeling dissatisfied. Anger, grief, frustration, shame, intolerance, fear and even hopelessness are all part of our experience as human beings.

We may strive to be inspired, to practice faith and to look at the world with hope and love, but sometimes we’re just bitter and upset. Here are some ideas on how to feel inspired when plagued with negativity.

  1. Release Negativity
    • Sometimes, despite our intention to be spiritual and positive, we have to take some time to work through our human emotions. Crying and ranting to release frustration are sometimes necessary to refocus ourselves.
    • There is a danger in taking this too far though. We must remember that we are not passive victims of our feelings. The feelings we experience are heavily influenced by our decisions, our perspective and the values we choose. However, sometimes these choices are very difficult.
    • We may choose to use our humanness as an excuse to lash out at anyone who displeases us, but we will find ourselves lonely and bitter.
    • We may choose to strive to be loving, spiritual and hopeful, and when this choice becomes difficult, vent our frustrations to a willing friend.
  2. Service
    • Service gets us out of ourselves.
    • It helps us focus on the needs of others and what we have to offer.
    • It gives us a sense of connectedness with the rest of the world, thus reducing the significance of our internal strife.
    • We can be of service by volunteering, by working our normal day jobs with a spirit of service in our hearts, by actively looking for opportunities to help others or through countless other small and large acts of kindness.
  3. Practice Gratitude
    • Gratitude is the simplest and most effective way to transform a negative state of mind.
    • There is always, without exception, something for which to be grateful.
  4. Practice Faith
    • Faith helps build hope. Negativity can not survive for long when confronted with hope.

To continue reading about dealing with negativity, see 7 Ways to be Inspired When Surrounded by Negativity where I talk about dealing with negativity outside of us.

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    Awesome message danny, Nice quote, only difficult times will make us learn more than a normal situation.