How to See God

God is everywhere and everything. We often fail to recognize God when we focus on things we find displeasing, when we lack gratitude and when our thoughts are loud and busy.

Here are a few tips we can use to remove the obstructions to our view of God:

  1. Be still and silent whenever you can. Make a daily habit of silent moments perhaps at the beginning or end of the day. Take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment during the busiest, most hectic moments of the day.
  2. Be conscious of your face from time to time. I often find that my eyes, eyebrows and mouth can be tense without any conscious awareness on my part. When consciously lightening up my face, the world feels lighter and God comes back into view.
  3. Let go of the desire to control everything. We have the free will to be receptive and to accept God’s guidance or to stubbornly hold fast to our own will. To accept one is to reject the other.
  4. Look inside. God is not “out there.” Don’t look to the sky or the distant mountain vistas. God is within our thoughts, our dreams and our bodies. He is his creation.
  5. Practice gratitude. God is love, and when we are not fully in love with his creation, we do not see the love that is God. When we are full of gratitude, we see the world as God sees it, and therefore, we see God.

If you have thoughts or ideas on how you see God, please share.