Affirmations for Living in the Moment


Here is a list of simple affirmations to help us live in the present.

  • “Today is a New Day. It is free from the past.”
  • “What can I do this moment to live the life I want to live?”
  • “What can I do this moment to express my gratitude?”
  • “With each moment, with each mistake and with each experience, I am growing in wisdom, creativity and success beyond any limits that I can comprehend.”
  • “God has the future and has given me the present as a gift.”
  • “I trust God’s plan.”
  • Reframe future goals in the present. Instead of saying, “I plan to lose 10 pounds”, say “I am in the process of losing 10 pounds.”
  • “I choose to improve the health of my body.”
  • “Happiness is a choice. I choose to be grateful and enjoy this moment.”
  • “This moment is my life. I am living my life now.”

I have found it helpful to place simple affirmations in places I will read and reflect on them frequently. Since I spend a great deal of time on my computer, I have electronic sticky notes stating goals and affirmations.

I hope you find these helpful. Please, feel free to suggest additions to the list.

One response to “Affirmations for Living in the Moment”

  1. Cristina Avatar

    I agree that affirmations can help us greatly from calming down in a moment of stress to achieve what we want in life, to as you well point out, living in the present.

    I wrote a page about living in the present that you may find relevant:

    Have a great day!