Forgiving Mistakes of the Past

The past is gone. But, it is a piece of the experience that defines who we are today.

All fear, stress and regret come from the past. We can be free of them entirely by choosing to live in this moment.

In this moment, life is simpler, mistakes are less devastating, work is more productive and relationships are more rewarding and intimate. Our talents and passions thrive. The world looks different.

As tempting as it may be to fantasize the what ifs of the past, those experiences are only helpful to us as we live in this moment.

The mistakes of the past are a source of wisdom and insight as long as we choose to bring those things to the present and leave regret behind. Mistakes are a part of the process that every one of us has to experience to learn and grow.

To forgive the past is to invite hope, peace, innocence and freedom without limitations.

2 responses to “Forgiving Mistakes of the Past”

  1. Danielle Mcclendon Avatar
    Danielle Mcclendon

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom .Im a 25 female and ive been struggling to find my self for a few years now .I come from a very troubling past and ive made allot of mistakes ,recently i felt like i wanted to end it all i felt life was to hard for me to be happy due to some of the choices that ive made .
    Ive always been spiritual but never made a deep connection with my god .
    Yesterday 6/25/2010 i felt something coming over me it was feeling that i wanted change i didnt want to be come the world i see in front of me
    I stumbled upon your website looking for ways to learn how to meditate and i found so much more i cant tell you in ways ive been inspired to make beneficial changes to my life that i knew i wanted to to but it was something about the way you said it that really made it stick .im so proud of you for making a decision to make other people better i dont know how a website works and if you get paid in cash for what you do .but i hope you get much more than money can give you i wish you and your wife and child as well as your home many many blessings my promise to you is ill share what i now know with others thank you so much for your time and energy(PS IVE BEEN READING YOUR TEACHING FOR TWO DAYS NOW VERY INSPIRING

  2. Danny Avatar

    @Danielle – Thanks you so much for sharing your experience. No, I do not get paid for what I share on this site. The advertising on the site pays for the hosting costs, allowing me to break even. But, comments like yours are a priceless reward.

    I wish you the best with your new found desire to change your life. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, and there will probably be more mistakes to come in your life. But as you learn and grow from them, they won’t have to turn your life upside down. When you find that instead of making the same mistakes over and over again, you are instead making new mistakes, then you know that you are growing spiritually.

    BTW: I have not updated my About page for a while and since you mentioned my wife, I feel that I should mention that I am no longer married. Just over a year ago, my wife and I made the painful decision to end our marriage. Today, we have a beautiful friendship and co-parenting relationship. I plan on updating my about page soon where I will describe my family relationships in more detail.