Have Fun Every Day

It seems that just about everything is more important than fun. So, a great deal of life is spent doing things we believe we have to do instead of things we consider fun.

Often, it feels as if there is no time to do the things we want to do and to have fun. Work, errands, taking out the trash, taking care of children, paying bills, keeping a reasonably clean home and countless other obligations keep us running and challenge our abilities to live spiritual and fulfilled lives.

Responsibilities will never go away completely. If we think hard enough about what we should be doing, we can always find more to clean, more needs to fulfill, more circumstances to improve, more money to make. How can we enjoy singing and dancing if there is work to be done? How do we let go of guilt while putting off important responsibilities?

There are two things we can do to live and accept responsibilities and have fun. One is to draw realistic boundaries. Make a decision about how much time and effort you want to spend on work, a particular task, etc. and plan life accordingly. And, remember that joy is a need. Second is to have fun no matter what you’re doing. Fun does not have to be reserved for Friday night parties. Add music, daydreams or friendly conversation to any situation and have a little fun with it.

A common component is required for both of these approaches. This is a realization that what we do with our time is our own choice. We absolutely never have to do anything. Everything that we do with our time (with the exception, perhaps, of sitting in a prison cell or hospital bed) comes from some choice we make or value we hold.

I clean up after myself because I enjoy living in a clean home (and maintaining a peaceful relationship with my wife). I value relationships with my friends and family, so I limit the amount of time that I work. I develop software solutions because I enjoy the creative process and helping others fulfill their software needs, and of course, I enjoy having money. I shovel snow because I value the safety of my family and neighbors, and I enjoy the workout. I enjoy working out because I like the way it feels and enjoy having a healthy body.

With these values and desires in mind, it becomes much easier to have fun while performing these tasks. If it seems impossible to figure out why the heck you are doing something, consider finding an alternative. Make fun a priority and have fun every day.

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