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We can not contribute to any cause without contributing to ourselves, because we are apart of all that surrounds us.

This theme keeps coming up unintentionally in my posts lately. In We’re All Going to Die and We Are the Earth I pointed out that we are a part of the Earth. And today, I have been tagged by Jean at Cheerful Monk to post on Caring Compassion Charity as a part of the Caring Compassion Charity project started by Alex of Alex Shalman . com.

Charity is not Sacrifice

The foundation of caring, compassion and charity is the understanding that we are part of a whole from which we can not be separated. Physically, we are a part of the physical universe, and spiritually, our consciousness is derived from and connected to the thoughts of God, as are all other conscious beings on this planet. In that way, when we give of ourselves to a cause that impassions us, we are giving to ourselves.

In the culture of materialism and ownership we live in, this is a difficult concept to understand. Most of us think of giving as a sacrifice. We believe that by giving something to someone else, we are giving up what we give. In reality, the benefits of caring, compassion and charity far outweigh the cost, whether that cost is time, money or items. It is difficult to prove this with words, but anyone who experiences this, knows it is true.

What Causes Move Me?

When I began this site, I decided I would donate a significant portion of the revenue generated to charities. In the past, I have supported environmental groups, animal shelters, groups combating homelessness and drug addiction recovery.

Recently, my wife and I made a donation to an animal shelter and adopted a 5 year old dog. Sammy has been with us now for a few months and has dramatically changed the dynamic of our home.

She has had a history of abandonment and neglect before being picked up by the shelter. Her appreciation for our stable home shows. She cuddles and snuggles with us every chance she gets, and though she tries hard to control herself, sometimes she can’t help but lick us in the face.

When we first got her, she would panic so frantically when we left the house that she would make herself sick. Now, she sits calmly and watches us sadly as we leave, but she is secure in knowing that we will return. Our love and compassion for her has transformed her outlook and her disposition.

The direct benefit to us is the love that Sammy shares with us and the entertainment she provides. Knowing that our support of the shelter will contribute to many more similar unions is priceless.

What Causes Move You?

Consider the causes that move you and share them in a comment or a post on your own blog. If you have not contributed to the causes recently, consider making a contribution today.

If you do have a blog, consider joining Alex’s Caring Compassion Charity project. Include a link to this post and Alex’s. Alex will be creating a master list of posts and I’ll include them here as well.