Web Authors Who Inspire Me VI

My weekly links post is a day early this week since there will be no weekend posts this weekend. I am taking the weekend off to recharge and to focus on the quality of future posts.

It was difficult to choose my favorite inspiring posts this week. There were quite a few.


3 responses to “Web Authors Who Inspire Me VI”

  1. Stephen Hopson Avatar


    Thank you for picking my article, “7 Tips for Resolving Conflicts Quickly and Peacefully”, at Pick the Brain. I appreciate you sharing this with your readers!

    Have a restful, safe, joyful and uplifting weekend!


  2. James - Visualized.Feel.Abundance Avatar

    Hey Danny,

    Thank you for sharing my story. I was an extremely fulfilling experience for me. Never did I gain so much enjoyment with such little effort. You have got to try it! 🙂


    PS: Gave you some stumble love for the excellent articles shared here.

  3. Mark D Peters Avatar

    Great information, thanks for sharing. Glad I found this site!!!