Appreciating Seasonal Changes

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I’ve never been much for small talk, but I’m going to talk about the weather once again. In yesterday’s post, 7 Ways to Avoid Winter Blues (yes, I know it’s September, but if you read yesterday’s post, you’ll understand), one of the 7 ways is to appreciate the seasonal changes. This post is an expression of my appreciation for seasonal changes.

Life is full of change

A life of personal growth tends to see more change than most. The ability to accept and embrace change is powerful. All success and growth involve change.

One of the benefits of living in a variable climate is that you get a lot of opportunities to practice embracing change.

What I Appreciate

Early fall is one of the most beautiful times of year in the Upper Midwest. The vegetation has reached its maximum thickness and the trees are at there fullest and deepest green. A few of the trees are beginning to turn brilliant colors. The air is clear and clean. Squirrels are frantically running all over the place. Late season flowers are blooming. The forest edges are so thick with vegetation that you can barely walk through. Gardens and orchards are at full harvest and the farmers markets are booming.

Soon, the leaves will turn brilliant, breath-taking colors and the world will turn from deep shades of green to bright yellow, red, orange and purple.

Then they will drop: leaving the world in shades of brown. It’s an intriguing, almost eerie site. The trees, the grass, all the vegetation, even the clothing people wear this time of year are all in sepia tones, like a very old photograph or pictures in an old newspaper.

As the novelty of the sepia days begins to wear off and the dull tones begin to lull us into depression, the first snow lands and covers everything with sparkling white. Unless you’re stuck driving in it, few things are more beautiful than a clean, bright and fluffy early winter snow.

What Do You Appreciate?

What are the seasonal changes like where you live? What do you like most about them? Please share a comment.