Web Authors Who Inspire Me IV

Priscilla Palmer has created a list of blogs relating to personal development and has kindly added this blog to the list. There are over 400 sites and the list is still growing. It is a bit overwhelming, but is nearly comprehensive and a great place to find a lot of inspiration. Check it out: The Personal Development List.

I haven’t had time to check every blog on the list yet, but I plan on getting through them all eventually and sharing the posts that I find inspiring. Here is a great post from one of the blogs on the list: 10 Ways to Build Healthy Relationships posted on Pick the Brain. Written by Tejvan Pettinger, this post outlines ways to apply basic spiritual principles to relationships.

One response to “Web Authors Who Inspire Me IV”

  1. Priscilla Palmer Avatar

    Thank you for linking to The Personal Development List. I really appreciate it.