Your Body is Marvelous

Have you ever marveled at the miracle of the human body?

Several years ago, I broke my foot in a car accident. I remember how differently I began to look at my own body while I was going through the recovery process. One of the things I marveled at was how perfectly balanced a foot is. This might seem a bit corny, but it never before occurred to me how amazing it is that the entire weight of my body can rest or even jump perfectly balanced on this small, padded collection of bone, muscles and tissue that consists of mostly water.

Another incredible thing about this body is that is houses a brain in a small physical space that is capable of housing a consciousness that is practically unlimited. Consider that your entire view of the world, it’s appearance, your opinions and knowledge about it, all the people you know, everything within your consciousness, things you have experienced and even things you’ve never experienced but can conceive of are all represented by tiny paths for electrical impulses within a small physical organ.

This brain connects our spiritual selves to the physical world and is maintained by our body. It is one of God’s most extraordinary creations.

This body is a gift from God, and how we treat it is our gift to God.

Knowing that the brain is a physical part of our body and that it is housing our consciousness, it is clear that treating our body well results in a clear mind. When we’re in good physical health, it is easier to make good decisions, to solve problems, to maintain a positive attitude, to keep stress levels under control and to connect to the power of God.

Our whole outlook on life changes when our body changes, because the physical makeup of our body, including the brain, changes. Here are some of my experiences with the basics of maintaining a healthy body, and therefore mind and spirit:

  • getting sufficient sleep – I have a lot of experience relating to sleep deprivation. With insufficient sleep, I am easily frustrated, tend to be less social and experience more fear. The amount of sleep I get correlates directly with my ability to maintain tolerance and to handle stressful situations while maintaining peace and serenity
  • exercising regularly – During the days after my morning exercises. I find that my mind is sharp and clear. I find it much easier to come up with simple solutions to complex problems. My intuition and ability to connect with others strengthens.
  • eating well – There is nothing that affects my energy level more than the foods that I eat. Though I am normally a very energetic person, excessive sugars, starches, heavy meats and cheeses and hunger make me feel lethargic. Balanced foods, fruits and vegetables and sufficient water seem to give me a limitless supply of energy. The effects of food can seem subtle when we become accustomed to how our diet makes us feel, but if you make a significant change to the way you eat, I guarantee you will notice a difference in the way you feel.

Continue reading about respecting and taking care of your body: Change Your Body by Changing Your Perspective.

9 responses to “Your Body is Marvelous”

  1. Bob Avatar

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  2. Greg Butler Avatar

    I like your premise and have often thought not of the leg but of the eye. How is it that we can use this tiny bit of an opening to the world to see so much? Yes, it is true that we can take for granted that which works so effortlessly–until it doesn’t.

  3. Danny Avatar

    I really like that perspective on the eye, Greg. Thanks for the comment.

  4. kenneth daniels Avatar

    I liked the artical it brings the point home very
    strong how our bodies are a mirical & a gift from
    God.Physical,mental & spiritual are all entwined
    I the everyday world it seems easy to take our
    body or physical health for granted.Slowly we get into habits that are actually abusing our health which affects everything. Resting ,feeding
    & exercising our bodies are way more important
    than we might think on the surface level.How we treat our gift from God affects how we connect with God. Great Stuff !! Thank You

  5. Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk Avatar

    I’m always impressed that our bodies work as well as they do. I especially feel that way when I go to the doctor’s office and see those charts illustrating how complicated the various parts are.

  6. Tina Su Avatar

    Good Post!Thanks for inspiring me.

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple. Be Decisive.

  7. Danny Avatar

    Thanks for visiting, Tina. I’m glad you found this post inspiring.

    BTW: I love your site!

  8. therapydoc Avatar

    Yes, it’s pretty incredible. I’ll bet if they surveyed physicians they’d find that as a profession, they believe in G-d.

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