Hold Beliefs Loosely

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Glacier National Park in MontanaGlacier National Park in Montana.

Belief is Not Knowledge

Although I have chosen to follow the Christian religion, and I believe strongly in the existence of Jesus Christ, I know that belief is different than knowledge.

I do not know for certain that my understanding of God, life and death are as I believe them to be. I know that there is a chance that life in this physical world is all that exists, or that it only exists as an illusion, or that Jewish, Islamic or any particular spiritual or religious belief is more accurate than the teachings of Christ in which I believe.

I find it important to honestly face the uncertainty of my belief system and to understand that matters of the spirit can not be proven beyond doubt in this physical world.

This honesty and understanding allows me to keep an open mind and to be teachable. Though it may seem contradictory, I find that I am more open to the teachings of God if I do not hold tightly to any belief system. I find this necessary to practice meditation, to gain wisdom or to grow spiritually.

A “Religious” Attitude Runs Contrary to Most Religious Teachings

The spiritual principles taught in nearly every religion on Earth include honesty, peace, open-mindedness and seem to run contrary to the common “religious” mindset that says, “I know what God is, what God wants, and you do not!”

Inspiration comes in our lives at those times when we are capable of and willing to clear our mind of what we believe is right and wrong, moral and immoral, good or bad, and allow God to guide us. To do this is to let go of arrogance.

Judgment is our biggest obstruction to the voice of God. It is a task best left to God.

The most powerful message we can offer to anyone is not our interpretation of the message of God, but rather one that comes from example.

My love and respect for Jesus Christ does not come from his ability to moralize and assert damnation to those who oppose him, but rather the example he set by living his life in love, peace, forgiveness, sacrifice and humility.

Daily Action – Learn From an Alternate Belief System

Talk to someone who has a belief system that is contrary to your own. Try to understand more about that system and why that person believes what they believe. Share the same of yourself.

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    Prince Okwori

    Sis. Danny, I must confess that you ve inspired me so much this night as I logged in to study d practicality of humidity. God Bless U. Kip it up!