I put a dollar in one of those change machines. Nothing changed.
-George Carlin

This week, except Thursday’s Thanksgiving post, I’ll be writing about making changes and entering new frontiers as we get older. In the series, “It’s Never Too Late,” I’ll share stories of people who have made profound life changes late in life. I’ll discuss the benefits of age. And, I’ll touch on reasons some of us resist change as we get older.On the topic of change, some of you may have noticed a few changes in the site recently.

  • The color scheme has lightened up.
  • The article layout is now fluid rather than fixed, so you can adjust the width by resizing your browser window.
  • There is much more information in the side bar including popular content, archives and recent comments.
  • Some information in the sidebar has been rearranged.
  • A navigation header has been added.
  • Some ads have been removed.
  • It is now possible to subscribe comments for specific posts via email.

In order to improve the quality of content and improve balance in my life, there will also be some minor changes in content in coming weeks.

  • Since the vast majority of you are weekday readers, I will be focusing more energy on weekday posts.
  • Many weekends and holidays will be free of posts.
  • I will be introducing many more series of posts on specific topics, such as the “It’s Never Too Late” series this week. In this way, I will be covering and researching topics with greater depth and providing more citation of authorities.

You are invited to provide comments, feedback, etc. on the recent site changes and suggestions and requests for future evolution of this site.

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I am Danny Kohn, writer and designer for this site and owner, software engineer and consultant for Inspirations Software Design. My three greatest passions in life are sharing time with my family, software design and sharing inspiration with others. I have the incredible privilege of being able to spend a significant amount of time every day doing each of those three things. I am a single father of Tristen, our 6 year old son. It has been such an incredible joy to watch him grow up and learn so much. Everything he does and says overwhelms me with adoration. We have a wonderful evening ritual of reading books together in a beanbag chair. Nearly every night, we have a laughing attack together. I smile and giggle constantly in his presence and feel truly inspired.

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  1. Bob says:

    Looks good! Nothing like a little makeover to freshen things up.

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