Web Authors Who Inspire Me VIII

It seems that the subject of mood has been coming up a lot lately. It’s easy to get stuck in a crabby mood, and when we’re there, sometimes we don’t feel like we want to get out. Here are two articles worth printing and posting someplace that is easy to reference when stuck in a sour mood. They both highlight some simple ways to lighten up our mood quickly.

Scott at Hello, my name is BLOG! wrote two great posts on detaching from outcomes. The first of which is the source of today’s quote.

I discovered another great blog this week focusing on fun, laughter, optimism and humor, Fun Spirit. Shirley, the site author, writes with a light heart, but packs a powerful message. Her entries are fun to read and inspiring. I found her site after she left a couple of comments here at Be Inspired Every Day. (Thanks Shirley!)

Here are two of Shirley’s posts I thoroughly enjoyed:

Happy reading. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!