Feel Good Now

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We want to change life and are working hard to make it happen. But sometimes, it doesn’t seem to happen fast enough. The changes are not here today. When focusing on self-improvement, personal development and inspiration, it is easy to fall into a pattern of dissatisfaction with our current conditions.

We know that tolerance leads to better physical and spiritual health, yet we still get angry at other drivers on the road. Even though we know eating healthy food will make us feel and look better, we still find ourselves eating fast food. We might make a decision to go to bed earlier, but can’t seem to make it a consistent habit. Exercise, meditation, prayer, family and friends may not be as big a priority as we would like them to be. Maybe we’ve decided to be more outgoing and meet new people, but still sit silently around strangers, or decided to be nicer to others but slip into rudeness at times.

Personal Growth Never Ends

Personal and spiritual development can be a slow process. Changing personal habits and behaviors takes a lot of time. We will never reach a state of spiritual perfection as human beings. No matter what advances we make; there will always be more goals on the horizon, more things to change, more things we don’t like about ourselves. Meanwhile, the days and years continue to pass. We get older and might worry that we’re running out of time.

Then You Die

Facing this reality may seem depressing, but can also be freeing. It reminds us that focusing exclusively on the goal is never going to make us happy. Life is a journey with an outcome that is physical death. This is not something most of us like to face or even think about. But, it’s a strong reminder that most of the day-to-day things that we worry about have no lasting significance. And, that if we don’t enjoy the journey, we won’t enjoy life.

Life is right now. It is messy. It is full of imperfections. It is constantly changing. It is dynamic. It is beautiful.

Daily Action – Feel Good Now

Don’t wait until tomorrow to enjoy life. Don’t expect that someday, things will be easier and you will be more equipped to deal with your problems or that they will go away someday. Yes, if you are on a path of spiritual growth, things may get better and many problems may go away, or you will die tomorrow. Waiting for that time is wasting the only part of your life that really exists: this moment.

Enjoy life today. Anticipate and thrive on uncertainty. Recognize and be grateful for your growth today and expect it to continue. Focus on the moment and your spiritual momentum, the direction you are going, instead of the outcome you are hoping for. Know what your goals are, but don’t put your life on hold for them.

If you make a mistake or do something that goes against your personal development plans, say. “I am not perfect, but I am changing and becoming more like God. I don’t like my current behavior, but I know that, at this moment, it is changing in my intended direction.”

Life is short. Choose to enjoy it, now.

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