Web Authors Who Inspire Me III

I am moving my weekly links post forward one day to Saturdays because it just seems to make more sense that way. Sundays are now being reserved for how-to posts, beginning tomorrow with a post about how to meditate effectively.

Here’s my list of posts within the past week that I found inspiring:

  • K. Stone at Life Learning Today wrote a great post at lifehack.org called Tapping into the Fountain of Youth. This was a great reminder to me of how an inspired attitude is similar to a youthful attitude. Observing children is a great way to get in touch with your spirit. As we grow older, many of us forget how to enjoy the moments in life and believe that taking on stress is a part of being an adult. Stress makes us old and bitter before our time. My very first post, Be Teachable – Avoid Growing Old and Stubborn, touches on this idea by discussing one important trait of youthfulness.
  • Steve Pavlina is one of the most popular and successful bloggers on the web, and with good reason. He is intelligent and an incredible communicator. I never cease to be amazed at his ability to discuss matters of the heart and spirit, which seem to be imprecise and unpredictable by nature, with mathematical precision through logical analogies that just make sense. His systematic approach to spiritual analysis has played a big part in helping return faith to my life. This week’s amazing post was Overcoming Jealousy. Even though jealousy is not much of an issue in my life, I found his perspective on how abundance relates to relationships helpful and hopeful.

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  1. K Stone Avatar

    Thank you kindly for linking to my article on Lifehack. I appreciate being included in this post!! It means a lot to me!
    Best regards!!