When Kindness is Overwhelming

Sometimes thinking about kindness can be overwhelming. There is so much that could be done. There seems to be so much need in the world.

In Monday’s post, Kindness is not a Sacrifice, I said that “when suffering and scarcity exist, it affects us all in some way.” If this is true …

How can we ever get past suffering and scarcity to be inspired?

We do this by reveling in our kind acts and focusing on what we can do and what we have done, not what we can’t do. We can recognize that there are people in need and that we are doing our part. We can express gratitude for the fortune in our lives by sharing that fortune with others, whether our fortune is in happiness, material wealth, knowledge or wisdom.

I can’t change the world, so why even try?

The fact is we can and do change the world. It is impossible to live on this Earth and not have some impact. The work we do, the interactions we have with others and each kind act has a ripple effect beyond our comprehension.

2 responses to “When Kindness is Overwhelming”

  1. AuthorMomWithDogs Avatar

    I try to live with kindness as a state of mind rather than an “act.” Having it be part of my being makes it seem much less of a big deal and more natural to share.

    I agree, it’s important to focus on what we can do, and realize that we do change the world with every act we take. The question is, is it for the better? It’s important to stay conscious of such things.

    Great post.

  2. Danny Avatar

    AuthorMomWithDogs, excellent comment. Sometimes it seems much harder to change who/what we are than what we do. But our goal is, ultimately, to “become” rather than to “do.” Thanks for putting things into perspective.